Walmart’s Savings Catcher

Last night, I was talking to my middle brother when he mentioned about using the Walmart Savings Catcher.  My brother is not a couponer and he does not normally go out of his way to look for deals so I was absolutely shocked when he mentioned using the Savings Catcher.

I had my brother explain how the Savings Catcher works.

    1.  Download the Walmart app.
    2. Do your regular Walmart shopping.
    3. After the cashier hands you the receipt, open the Walmart app.
    4. Touch Savings Catcher and scan QR code on your receipt.
    5. A few days later you will be notified if there was an item on your receipt that was cheaper at another store and you will receive the difference on Walmart Pay which is also on the app.

Next time I go to Walmart, I’ll have to remember to scan my receipt!  This is another passive way to save money.