Wanna See Your Rite Aid Ad Early???

A few minutes ago, I took a peek at the new Rite Aid ad for San Diego to see if we were going to get the deals that were reported. 

We ARE getting the John Frieda deal…but not the Crest Whitening Strips Maybe the paper ad will have the Crest Whitening Strips?  The Crest Whitening Strips is in the wraparound of the sales insert which you cannot see in the online ad.

Anyways, here is how you can see the RA ad for your particular area:

1.  Go to riteaid.com

2.  At the top, where it says FIND A STORE, Enter your zip code


4.  Click on the current ad to make it larger

5.  Right click on the ad and click PROPERTIES

6.  Copy & Paste the URL into Explorer window and hit ENTER

7.  Change the date 2010_06_18/y/01l to 2010_06_25/y/01l.jpg and hit ENTER

8.  To see the next page change 01l to 02l and so on…