We Broke the T-Mobile App & Webpage😔


Update: T-Mobile must have only had 100 Starbucks gift cards because I was able to enter my phone number and get a code but their system wouldn’t allow me to click the submit button to complete the transaction. Of course, now that their app is back up, they are completely out of gift card. T-Mobile is trash!

Oh my goodness, we have broken the T-Mobile app and the webpage for the FREE $3 Starbucks gift card.


  • Stephanie Buriel December 10, 2019, 19:49

    Lol! I set a timer for 12:59 pm. I was on it! But the app wasn’t working before the gift card went live. I kept trying over and over and finally closer to 1:30 maybe 1:23, I was able access a gift card and save it in the tmobile app. It took a while to get it but I got it! 😁 All this for $3!!!!

    • Ms. B. December 11, 2019, 09:13

      Stephanie, I was on the app at 12:59, too, but it crashing and when I finally got to enter my phone number and received the code, it wouldn’t let me click submit. It happened 3 times and I gave up. I spent 30 minutes for a $3 gift card. We’ve only had T-Mobile for 3 months and it was a time waster for me.