We Had a Power Outage

We had been notified that the water would be turned off but imagine our surprise when the electricity went out, too! πŸ™‚

Reading NextDoor, the neighborhood blog, there was an isolated outage that actually started last night around 8:30 pm and it spread by street by street and neighborhood by neighborhood until, late morning, when the outage it our street and neighborhood.

I thought I had plenty of time to take a quick walk and be back to write my early afternoon post. Β As I was leaving, I saw all the city workers on the street and they had one of the street closed down. Β I live in an old, original neighborhood of San Diego, I think the neighborhood has been here since before the 1920’s. Β The city is always shutting off the water and the electricity for maintenance or an emergency.

However, as I was walking, I received an emergency text alert while I was walking that there was a power outage.

Anyways, by the time, I got home, the electricity was still off, as well as, the internet and the water.

Now, the electricity and internet are back on but the water is still out.




  • jessica February 21, 2020, 15:01

    But what happened?

    • Ms. B. February 21, 2020, 15:35

      We don’t know what happened.