Welcome to the Accidental Saver!

Welcome to my new blog, the Accidental Saver.  Hopefully, when I get some time, I’ll post why I started a new blog.  The Accidental Saver will be very much like my Ms Benjamins blog posts but a better version…once I get situated! LOL

One of my best BFF, Julie, rolled into town from Southern MD last Thursday and I was busy as all get out trying to update my Ms Benjamins blog on Blogger, the Accidental Saver up and learning the nuances of WordPress (a blogging platform), do my drugstore shopping and having fun with my girlfriend!

I had a crazy fun filled busy weekend!

I still have not figured out how to add color to the fonts or how to underline words using WordPress so it’s gonna be a learning experience for me.

Thank you all for your support!