What an Exciting Day!

1In San Diego, I work in the Point Loma area.  It was kind of a busy, ho hum day and around 10:30 this morning, we got word that they closing and locking all doors.  Of course, it peaked everyone’s curiosity that they would take be locking all exterior doors until further notice.  We went on the internet to see what was going on and it turn out that they though that they had caught the “Cop Killer” in the Point Loma area.  Helicopters and cop cars were everywhere.

The “Cop Killer” is a guy that is an ex-cop that went crazy killing people in the Los Angeles area last night and he has not been caught.  Someone in the area believed that had seen the guy in the area in which I work.

Our office was on lock down for about two hours until it was learned that it was a false sighting.  However, it was very exciting b/c it was all everyone was talking about for those two hours.


  • Gaby February 8, 2013, 10:22

    I don’t see what’s so exciting. What if the guy is in your area and gets into your workplace. Not so exciting as it is terrifying.

    • admin February 8, 2013, 14:12

      Gabby, I work in a secure facility. The gates to the facility was closed and locked when the incident occurred and no one was to leave or come into facility. Also all the doors have a cypher lock on them. So, I wasn’t too worried about an armed intruder coming to my job.