What Printer Do I Use to Print Coupons?

1When I first started couponing, I used what I had which was an HP Inkjet printer that I had gotten from Walmart for like $30.  That printer was perfect for me because at the time, I really did not print that often just here and there.

But what I soon realized as I got really into couponing that I was using ALLOT  printer cartridges and I was printing my coupons in color which meant the color cartridges were even more expensive to buy.

I finally got tired paying the higher price for the color cartridge and I switched to black cartridges which saved me a ton of money.  I then started using my store rewards to pay for the ink cartridges…another savings.

Then last year, my old HP Inkjet Printer was dying so I knew that I needed to buy another printer.  Based on reader comments, I decided upon buying the Brothers HL-2270DW Series which is a Laser printer that uses a toner (powder) instead of a cartridge (ink) and I LOVE THIS PRINTER!!!

I love this printer because it barely makes a sound when it prints, it’s fast and the toner last forever.  I am on my second toner and I have had the printer for a year and a half.  You can buy toner at Amazon or eBay.  On eBay, I can buy two toners for $27.98 with FREE shipping.

So, if you have been wondering what type of printer I have been using, I highly recommend that you invest in a Laser Printer.  Yes, a Laser Printer is a bit more expensive but the investment is well worth the price because it cost just pennies to print a coupon!


  • kabby May 16, 2013, 19:54

    I own a HP wireless…quick question does this Brother printer allow you to print from a iphone using the coupons.com app? I really love that feature with my printer. I only have one computer to print from.

    • admin May 16, 2013, 20:39

      Kabby, the printer does not let you print from the iphone. 🙁

  • Gee May 16, 2013, 20:46

    I was wondering what type of printer you had. SoCaliSaver uses inkjet and the owner from SouthernSavers uses laser. I watched for sales for the brother on SS for a while but I kept missing them until the beginning of this year. I’m glad I got one though, mine is HL-2240.

    This printer isn’t wireless so I don’t think I can print from my ipod to the brother, my HP is wireless and worked well with ipod but it jams a lot and is picky with ink.