What Was I Thinking…

This evening, I went to enter my receipt into my SCR acct and I was looking through my qualifying SCRs that had cleared when I came across the Oral Care SCR.

What???  I had not requested my $10 RA gift card, although, I had qualified for it like 2 weeks ago!

I just requested my $10 gift card.

Do not do like I did but as soon as you qualify for a separate SCR like the Oral Care SCR which is an SCR all by itself just go ahead and request.  I find that the sooner that request a special SCR, the more quickly it will arrive.  If you wait until close to the end date…it takes forever for that sucker to arrive b/c everyone and their grandmother is making a request and the SCR folks then get flooded with requests!

Just remember you can only request your monthly SCR check once per month…period.