What’s the Latest and Greatest?

1If you have noticed that I have not been commenting on reader comments that’s b/c I have really been busy with work on my job and I have been bringing it home, too.  I do allot of writing on my job and sometimes, I have got to bring it home to finish it up.

I also have seen a preview of what the re-design of the blog.  It’s also allot of work working with a blog designer.  You don’t just pay the blog designer.  You have to provide all kinds of input, select colors, fonts, etc.  It took me forever looking at TONS  of colors for the blog design.  And I won’t even go into selecting a font.  I never knew that there were SO many font designs.

Anyways, the blog designer is going to be working behind the scenes on The Accidental Saver.  She will actually have my login and passwords getting the blog ready for the big design roll out.  Hopefully, there won’t be too many disruptions.


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