Yesterday, there was some conversation about how we used to get the CVS Alkaline AA/AAA Batteries 4pk for FREE after Extra Bucks and it’s something that if you was a regular CVS shopper that you’d look forward to those FREE batteries.

I already knew that we didn’t get any free batteries from CVS, last year.  CVS and the drugstores, in general, put very little effort into Black Friday due to the Coronavirus.

I have been covering the drugstore Black Friday sales for 10 or 12 years and in mind, we have not a “pull out all the stops” since the CVS Black Friday 2011 sale. That particular Black Friday ad was the last time that we had TWENTY (20) Black Friday freebies, it’s been so long ago that I had forgotten that CVS used give us the Philips or Magnavox Universal Remotes, Philips Earbuds, Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownie, Finish Quantum, etc.

This is also about the time that Walgreens had it’s last Black Friday ad and they were in negotiations to buy Rite Aid.

We also didn’t understand that CVS was trying to pivot and rebrand itself and I’d say within their own inner circle they began talking about acquiring a healthcare entity.

The very last time that we have seen the FREE CVS Alkaline AA/AAA Batteries 4pk is in a Black Friday 2017 ad.  In the search bar, on this blog, you can type in “CVS Black Friday” and see all of the CVS Black Friday deals.  I also went to The Krazy Coupon Lady’s website and in the search bar, I entered “CVS Black Friday 2019” or you check whatever popular blogger you like.

What happens after CVS Black Friday 2011 is that each CVS Black Fridays ads, thereafter, has less and less free offers and I suspect that this will be the last year of the CVS Black Friday freebies because the free products are CVS brand products (except for the toothpaste) and it doesn’t make sense to give away pantiliners, baby wipes and the aspirins when they can just give you a good price on them.

So, the last time we had a really good CVS Black Friday add it was in 2011 and the last time the CVS Alkaline Batteries was in the Black Friday ad was 2017.


  • Nick November 23, 2021, 13:13

    Many CVS stores have a beauty consultant who earns a small commission on sales in that department. Back in the “free after ExtraBucks” days with numerous items like on Black Friday she would hide them for me in her storage room in advance so they wouldn’t all be gone when the sale started by being wiped out by people with multiple shopper’s cards. One woman had AT LEAST ten ExtraCare barcodes on her key ring, so there goes the free batteries for everyone else! I asked the manager why he couldn’t stop someone for being so greedy and abusive. He explained that although he 100% agreed with me it was not corporate policy to confront customers. He also said those other ExtraCare account barcodes on her key ring could have been registered to other family members who were entitled to the free item.

    • Ms. B. November 23, 2021, 14:40

      Manufacturers have been using the rebate apps to give away free items, thereby, eliminating the need for a drugstore store rewards loyalty programs, i.e., CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. There is no longer a need a Beauty Club, if you can have Ibotta give you real time data points. We are seeing in real time how some Ibotta rebates are specifying very narrow offers “Pepsi Soda Shop 20 oz only”. Remember when we use to do Mail in Rebates? The manufacturers had to pay the rebate centers to process all the receipts and distribute the gifts cards or checks, they had pay another company to send out the coupons and process them and still yet, the drugstores or grocery stores for placement on their shelves. There are lots of moving pieces…that we don’t even know about!🤣🤣🤣

  • Trish November 24, 2021, 07:11

    Thx Ms B for posting this…I used to look forward to the CVS ad in the Thanksgiving paper (LA Times was HUGE, loaded with ads!) Then, as you stated, they started eliminating various items, naturally the ones I liked the most. The last time I went in (probably two years ago) the store was empty! I’ll probably get the Applebee’s gift cards (buy $75 in gc, get $25 XB)…they’re always good to give as gifts or keep for myself! I’ve got so much toothpaste that I could probably sell it…been skipping those offers for a while now. It doesn’t help that they’re no longer including their ads in the paper…but neither are Rite Aid or Walgreen’s. If I’m passing by, I pop in and pick one up. So much easier to look at than on my phone!