Where’s My Dr. Scholl’s Insoles?

I give away allot of my excess from my stockpile.  It’s my way of helping others b/c I have always been Blessed that someone was always there for me when I needed help.  When I was a young, single mom, I lived paycheck-to-paycheck and when the unthinkable would happen, a kind soul would always be there to help me.

Now, that I am comfortable financially, I feel an obligation, a duty to help others.

Last month, a coworker, Alecia ran into the into the unthinkable.  She is one of our administrative support and she works two jobs to support herself.  Her apartment rent is half her paycheck and she has no car, she takes the bus where ever she goes including both jobs.  She found out she needed an operation and she would require some help getting around while recuperating.

Alecia has no family in San Diego.  She ended up in San Diego b/c she is a former Marine.  Her family lives in Virgina but they have limited financial means which meant that her grandmother would be unable to watch after Alecia after the operation and Alecia could not afford to pay for a plane ticket for her grandmother to come to California.

Another coworker and I went to the bank during our lunch hour and came back and gave Alecia $800.