Where’s my Martini, Please?

Everyday, I remind everyone that I will be retiring soon and so this week, I remind everyone that would listen that I am retiring in 10 weeks. What’s so crazy is that I have this incredibly complex and high visablty project with a short fuse.  I also have a very nice young lady that has been shadowing me for a month and she has a hard time keeping up with me.

Yesterday afternoon, Kaylee said, “I heard you brief everyone on the status and that you need help with “A” and “B” and your request fell on deaf ears.  I told her “…they were all men in the room except you and I and they didn’t listen.”

We have had to push the projects delivery date twice.

Kaylee is like but you keep explaining and documenting the problems and what needs to be done and they will not listen, do you not get frustrated?

I remind Kaylee once again that I will be retiring in 10 weeks and they will figure out problems, eventually.  I am very thankful that I can take an early retirement and when I have a particularly frustrating day, I will ask Mr. Man to make one of his very special martinis.

You know, it was when I have been very frustrated that I started to look for other employment opportunities.  It’s always out of necessity that we change our circumstances.  Every time that I have made a dramatic change in my life, it has always turned out for the better.  When I was moved to San Diego, I did not know a soul and I could not imagine life living in Southern California and here I am, today, thriving.

When you are feeling frustrated have a cocktail and start planning for new goals and opportunities.