Whole Foods: Cheap Pipcorn Snacks!

A reader, Nick, says the following:

I’m also seeing additional Ibotta offers for 75 cents each (limit 5) Pipcorn cheese balls and popcorn plus 10 cents for any chips which SOMETIMES will also apply. So there’s potentially 5 Ibotta offers knocked out with the purchase of 2 each of the cheese balls and popcorn. In my store they sell for $3.99. So, you’d spend $15.96 (less with Prime) but get back $12.08 and 4 bags of great snacks. Less than $1 each!

Again, inexpensive snacks for the 4th of July!

Thanks, Nick!


  • Nick June 22, 2022, 20:35

    Whole Foods also sells the Quantum energy square snacks for $2 and there’s a $1.50 Ibotta. This deal has been around for weeks. It’s not a bad snack but does have some caffeine added (thus, the “energy”) l, so not the best choice to consume around bedtime. But these are fine earlier and very suitable after work if facing the crush of a trafficky commute.

  • tammy June 22, 2022, 21:28

    The $0.75 credit for Pipcorn did not scan. Only the BOGO offer was going to apply so I didn’t pick it up.