I wanted to breakdown the offer into bite size pieces:

$2.39 Flow Alkaline Spring water, 1 liter only Ibotta

$1.59 Flow Alkaline Spring water, 500 ml only, Ibotta

$2.99 Flow Collagen-Infused Spring water, 500 ml only Ibotta

Again, In my area, the hardest water to find, at Whole Foods, is the Flow Collegen-Infused Spring water 500 ml.

Use the Whole Foods app to locate the Flow water in your area and change locations function to find all three Flow water in one store, if possible.



  • Nick April 18, 2021, 17:31

    No single FLOW cartons in my Whole Foods. All they carry are multi-carton cases. 😔

    But… that’s OK, run 🏃 to WF anyway for 5 Health Warrior Chia Bars. They’re free! 😀

    • Ms. B. April 18, 2021, 18:13

      Nick, thank for the Health Warrior bars tip! 🙂