Whole Foods: FREE Larabar!!!

There is a new $1.39 Larabar, any variety, single bar Ibotta rebate offer that is only valid at Whole Foods.

Also, Nick let us know that since you are at Whole Foods you may want to consider the Harmless Harvest yogurts that are regularly $2.29 and there is a $2.29/2 Harmless Harvest yogurts Ibotta rebate offer.

In addition, Nick says that the Pipcorn Crunchies are on sale for 2/$6 and there is a $4/2 Pipcorn Crunchies Buy 2 of any variety, any size Ibotta rebate offer which makes for an inexpensive snack!

Thanks, TheCoupon & Nick!


  • Nick December 5, 2020, 10:29

    The Harmless Harvest yogurts are BOGO at Whole Foods. It’s not a super bargain BUT if you’re accumulating offers for an Ibotta bonus then consider purchases like this. There are snack bar opportunities already on the table thanks to excellent reporting from Ms. B., so if you’re at Whole Foods anyway you can make your trip more productive (like adding the Pipcorn Crunchies to your basket which were on sale at 2/$6 with $4 back on 2 from Ibotta).

    • Nick December 5, 2020, 10:34

      Just to clarify: the BOGO on Harmless Harvest yogurts is an Ibotta offer good at Whole Foods. You pay the regular price of $2.29 each for two and get $2.29 back. Keep an eye out for the free WASA, it resurfaces occasionally.

    • Ms. B. December 5, 2020, 10:56

      Nick, thanks for the additional information as all of the stores are packed with shoppers and it will save us time and money! I’ll add the info to my post! 🙂

  • tammy December 5, 2020, 10:56

    Thanks for all these food ones. I also have Free Core Bar in my IB

    • Ms. B. December 5, 2020, 18:26

      Tammy, thanks for the reminder! I could have sworn I posted about the Core Bar offer but I can’t find the post so I’ll post it again! 🙂

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