Why Can’t Ibotta Find My Rebate?

Last Friday, after work, I stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up the FREE Caramel M&Ms as I had done previously two other times earlier in the week.  The Dollar Tree had plenty of stock on the shelf and as soon as I gotten into my car, I submitted my receipt for the rebate without any problems.  I scanned the candy’s bar code five times as the limit was five.

The next morning when I got up and checked the Ibotta app for my $5 credit, low and behold, I had the following message “No rebates found on this Dollar Tree receipt. Please review.”  When I clicked on the message another window opened and said the following:

We look at your receipt and couldn’t find products matching the rebates you unlock.  This can be caused by a blurry or incomplete photo, missing receipt total or product codes, or products not match the rebate criteria.

Rebates must be unlocked before you submit a receipt.

Ibotta threw every type of reason on the wall as why I am not getting the rebate.  They will not simply say that the manufacturer had a change of heart and decided they were no longer going to accept the fun size as a participating item because then the manufacturer would not be shown in a good light.  Instead, they would rather blame me and throw any and every reason why the receipt could not be accepted.

I only bought the candy so it was a short receipt and the receipt was perfect and crystal clear.

People need to speak up and use their blogs or social media to call out bad behavior.  It’s not okay for Ibotta to change the terms and conditions of their offer without notification.  If there is a change in the rebate offer, the old offer should immediately disappear and a new offer should appear.

I am not an attorney and I don’t play one on T.V. but I deal with contracts all day long and I can say that changes to an agreement cannot be made without notification and agreement. There cannot be an agreement nor a contract unless there is a meeting of the mind.

Hopefully, if enough people complain and call out Ibotta that they will get their act together because ain’t nobody got time to be wasting time and money.


  • Mikey May 22, 2018, 11:16

    Ibotta did the same thing to me TWICE recently. I am now forced to take screenshots of every offer. I agree that using social media for criticisms will get immediate attention. Also REMOVE any Ibotta referral links from Facebook and Twitter.

  • Jennifer May 22, 2018, 15:13

    I whole heartedly agree. Though to be fair, I think sometimes Ibotta just doesn’t work right. I had that happen a couple of times with the dollar tree items. Once i just resubmitted and another time I emailed. Both times I got it cleared up. I think the m&m’s are gone off the app now, but you can submit a request to have them look at your receipt because at the time it totally qualified.

    I am currently having a problem because my Rite Aid receipt did not go through so I submitted it manually and then they told me I didn’t include the total in my submission. So, now I have to go through the trouble of emailing them because I need the submission to be on the date I purchased the item not today because of a bonus. Oh the trouble we go through to save money sometimes…

  • Cheryl May 22, 2018, 15:21

    Happened to me also so i contacted customer service and they gave me the $5 owed to me. Ibotta seems to be having too many problems lately!