Why Doesn’t She Request Her Money?

One of the best things about Instagram is that people love to brag and post about the the great they have gotten.  Honestly, the brag also inspires others to go out and save some money.  I posted about the Walmart/Target: FREE Viva & Kleenex deal on Monday.

The person that posted the picture above (without the hand and CO51 logo) wanted us to see that she $185.75 in her CO51 account.

Yes, that’s one-hundred-eighty-five-dollars-and-seventy-five-cents.

Why doesn’t she request the money because there is not a Bank of Checkout 51 and C051 is not federally insured should they go out of business.

Look, if you cannot trust yourself with money, then you tell yourself that money will go to pay the utilities, cable, cell phone bill because even if you have a zero balance on the utilities, cable or cell phone, it will give you a negative balance.

I am super Blessed because I literally have no balance on any of the credit cards and I have no car payments so when I get extra cash, I put the money on the cell phone bill.

Heck, buy early Christmas gifts or new pots and pans for Thanksgiving but whatever you do request the money ASAP!


  • Jennifer October 18, 2018, 16:44

    Funny that you should mention this. My husband and I usually cash out when we have around $20. Yesterday morning we noticed that somehow his account had gotten up to $55. He cashed out immediately. Later that day Ibotta required an upgrade which he cannot get because his ipad cannot have ios 10 and his phone cannot have the app either. He would have lost all his money in an instant.

    Thank you for continuously reminding us to cash out! 🙂

    • Ms. B. October 19, 2018, 08:27

      Jennifer, I hate to say this but the rebate apps want you to forget how much money you have sitting in your account bc you have to click on the “account” icon to see how much you have. Now, that I’m retired, I check my accounts more often and move the money, whereas, when I was working…I waited until the end of the month.