On Saturday, I went to Ralphs to do the Buy 3 Good Culture get 1500 SB because it’s an amazing deal and it so happens that one of the 5.3 oz cups was on clearance for $0.89 but the other Good Culture products was regular price.  I also need the Swiffer wet wipes because I was completely out and the 32 count is on sale for $8.99.

Anyways, I submitted my receipt to SwagBucks and don’t you know it that the SwagBucks app only gave me a credit for 100 points ($1).

I absolutely, positively could not figure out how to submit a Trouble Ticket to Customer Service.

I searched both on the app and swagbucks.com and there is not an intuitive way to submit a help ticket because the main obstacle is the system only give you a very short list of problems, i.e., surveys, in store cash back, coupon printing, gift cards but some reason the “In-Store Deals” is a missing option.

Therefore, I literally had to submit my ticket for a category that had nothing to with my problem and make up a bunch stuff to get the description I wanted to describe.

At the very least, they should have an “Other” category so that we can get our problem resolved.

If anyone knows the proper way to submit a Trouble Ticket on SwagBucks, please leave a comment below for the rest us! 🙂