For some odd reason, Albertsons Inc., has decided to not publish a Vons or Albertsons ad in a digital format, here in Southern California.  It makes no logical sense.

You can see another Albertsons’s affiliate like Tom Thumb’s digital ad in Texas, Randalls digital ad in Texas, Shaw’s digital ad in Massachusetts, Safeway digital ad in Northern, CA  and since Albertsons is headquartered in Boise, ID, and there is an Albertsons digital ad for Boise, ID 83702.

I assume that Southern California did the most damage of emptying the store shelves during the CoronaVirus so Albertsons Corporate Headquarters made the decision to not publish a digital ad.

I could be wrong.  If anyone else has a theory about why there isn’t a digital ad for Vons or Albertsons in Southern California, please leave a comment below.

Yes, I realize that there is a paper ad that comes in the mail box or inside the store.


  • Nick March 25, 2020, 10:13

    I think the virus wiped out those 3 or 4 $1 digitals we were seeing each week. 😢

    • Ms. B. March 25, 2020, 10:17

      Nick, they were wiped out last week but I was hoping that it was an anomaly that the advantage would be back, this week. I was only able to load the Qs to one of my accounts and when came back hours later to load the Qs to my other accounts…they had disappeared. I keeping my fingers crossed that the zip code advantage will return in the future!

      • Nick March 25, 2020, 12:16

        I think the same way. Once things return to normal the traditional marketing mechanisms will resume. But I also want a safe society, resuming “normal” operations too soon will spread the virus and could make any of us very sick. None of us wants that.

        • Ms. B. March 25, 2020, 17:07

          Nick, if we return back to “normal” operations too soon the Corona is going to be hanging too long making people sick and killing others. I want my mom to be safe at all costs.

  • Cheryl March 25, 2020, 14:14

    Think it’s up to each division and they thought they could reach more people with paper ad

    • Ms. B. March 25, 2020, 17:04

      It’s weird that only the Southern Cal division decided to not have a digital ad. They literally had to go to their IT Dept and tell them to stop posting the digital ad because IT had been posting the digital ad for years prior to the CoronaVirus. I especially now don’t want be touching the paper ad.

  • DENISE March 25, 2020, 15:59

    I decided to try doing a delivery thru Vons today. I put in my request and tried putting in the delivery day and each time they said it could not be delivered on that day. I requested as far out as they showed and as was not able to get it delivered.

    • Ms. B. March 25, 2020, 16:49

      Vons really need to stop offering delivery because with the CoronaVirus they don’t know what’s in their store inventory as things move quickly out of stock.