Wow…allot of views of my blog yesterday!!!

Yep, yesterday, there was allot of people that stopped by to see my blog! Oh, and I got a click today on a Google Ad that was nice, too! I am truly grateful when people read what I wrote. The funny thing is that I was truly tired yesterday and I made very few posts b/c I took a very long nap.

I just hope that I am helping a few people save some money with the economy still being on shaky grounds. I thank God everyday that I have a stable job and I have benefits. It wasn’t always that way.

Really, with this blog not only do I try to help other but it keeps me focused on my financial goals. Couponing and working deals helps save me money on my bottom line. I used to spend so much money groceries and other incidentals like soap, deo, shampoo/conditioner and toothpaste that it use to take a huge bite out of budget. Now, I have a stash and I’m not running to the store for things like tampons. The money I save from not spending on groceries and incidentals goes into my savings.

I want thank everyone who comes by and reads my blogs b/c it encourages to keep writing…and saving!!!!