Wow, I really like FREE stuff…

I was just sitting here and thinking how much I love getting stuff that I can use or need for FREE. I was reading some blogs of upcoming items, not too much next week. At CVS next week, there will be a $7.99 digital photobook get $7.99 EB, a Fusion Razor @ $7.99 get $4 EB and more schools supplies with Extra Bucks (EB). Looks like there will be more FREE school supplies for the next couple months. It’s a good time to re-stock on school supplies/office supplies and add them to your stash so that you don’t have to run out and pay full price without a coupon. It looks couponing runs in 4 month cycles so buy enough to last you at least 4 months when the items are on sale and there’s a coupon to use.

Next week is another terrible week for Register Reward (RR) at Walgreens. I will have RRs expiring by then. I do need cleaning supplies and Walgreens will have Clorox Cleaner spray or wipes, Formula 409, Liquid Plummer, Pine-sol and Tilex on sale for $2.99 each. I will use my expiring RRs on cleaning products at Walgreens to get them for FREE.

It’s absolutely exciting to go to a store to seek out a FREE or almost free deal. I love going into a store on a mission to get something for FREE when before I hated going to the grocery or drugstore b/c I knew I would either have to buy a store brand or pay allot of money for an item I really wanted.Now, I walk into a store with confidence and coupons in hands ready to seek out great deals…and at my neighborhood CVS there is this one cashier that starts to sweat everytime he sees me with all this stuff and coupons, I just laugh b/c I know I am gonna walk out of there with some great bargains.