You can now sign up for myWalgreens

I had went into my Walgreens account because I had watched Awesome Walgreens Couponing Haul Ibotta Deals November 8th-14th 2020 on YouTube where the girl mentions that the Beauty Points that we earned doesn’t convert to Walgreens Bucks when we join myWalgreens.

I’ve been debating with myself to spend down my points and then start fresh with zero bucks or let my points roll into Walgreens Bucks when I sign up for myWalgreens.

However, I have have 75,570 in points that I had planned to use on Christmas presents and I don’t want to loose any points because I honestly don’t know how many Beauty Points that I have if I were to convert over to myWalgreens.

I think I’ll stick with my original plan and use my points on Christmas gifts and sign up for myWalgreens.

Designer Jen has also posted a previous video NEW MyWalgreens Sign Up Now before finding out about the Beauty Points not converting to Walgreens Bucks.

My other Walgreens account, I had already drained the points except I now see that some how I have $1 in Balance Rewards.  I haven’t a clue how that happened.