It appears that Ibotta is now targeting their bonus offers because I’ve read that some have received a $1 or $2 Mid Week Bonus Ibotta offer, I have not received the offer.

We are 15 days into January 2020 and the Ibotta deals have been rather blah which is not a bad thing.  It gives us time get our lives back in order after the holidays.

It’s hard having lackluster rebate offers and bonuses.

Keep in mind that the bonuses are an incentive for you to continue shopping above your needs.  Right now, there’s aren’t any fantastic Ibotta freebies or offers that create great deals that make me want to hop in my car and race to the store.

If you didn’t get a bonus offer…whatevs! Buy the items that you need and if you can match a rebate that’s even better.  However, it wouldn’t be a shock to me if Ibotta got rid of the bonuses, this year.

Ibotta is trimming the fat by targeting the bonuses, they increase their profits.  Just as Kroger stores used to have 52 Free Friday Freebies, a year, they now have 12 Free Friday Freebies per year. Heck, some of y’all remember when Savingstar used to have a Freebie every Thursday.

Things change but we must continue to look for other opportunities to save.