Zegerid OTC Mail in Rebate…

Oh, I was so excited about seeing the Zegerid OTC MIR…that is until I saw these words on the rebate form:

To receive your rebate check, buy Zegrid OTC 14ct and mail this required certificate along with the UPC symbol and the original store identified cash register receipt dated between 6/20/10 and 7/31/10 with the purchase price circled.  We will reimburse your purchase price minus any coupons or discounts, up to $12.99, not including tax.  Retail prices may vary.  Request must be postmarked by 8/31/10.

So there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  I have a couple of $25 Vons gift cards that was given to me so I’ll buy the Zegerid at Vons for the rebate!

If you have a gift card, you can still get the Zegerid 14ct for FREE after rebate. 

I’m still planning to use the Zegrid as part of Rite Aid…since I’m gonna get it for FREE. There was a $5 Zegerid Q from the May 16th Parade magazine that expires TODAY.  I’ll post my Rite Aid Trip later this evening.